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Left Handed Keyboard For Computer

If you are looking to buy a left handed keyboard  for your computer there are a few choices you can make today that just weren't available a few years ago.  As the focus on ergonomics and with the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome and more and more repetitive strain injuries have mounted so  have the need for better computer keyboards including a good left handed keyboard.  As a result there are a variety of left handed keyboards and left handed mice that may fit your needs in a variety of styles.

Originally when computer keyboards were made there was only one type of keyboard   - a right handed keyboard.  Eventually it was discovered that using a left handed keyboard solved a lot of problems for left handed people. If you're a lefty you may have discovered some of these problems. There have been a number of products made for left handers including left handed scissors, left handed guitars, left handed watches and left handed drivers (golf).  But since most people use computers these days, it has become increasingly important to lefties to use an ergonomic left handed computer keyboard.

So one may wonder why they need a left handed keyboard.  Aren't all keyboards the same?  The aligning of the keyboard is nearly identical especially in the "qwerty" layout of the alphabet, punctuation and symbols but one of the main differences is in the location of the numpad. If you use the number pad a lot you'll find it much easier and suffer less strain on your wrist, forearm, fingers, back and shoulders if you use a numpad on the left side of the keyboard.  Or if you're a left handed gamer you'll find this almost a necessity.  This way you can easily input numbers to your heart's content.

So using the numpad with your dominant hand on the left side of the board you have better control of the mouse as it will lie closer to your computer keyboard.

Now there are a number of models and types to choose from. Placing of the main keys will usually be on the right side but how the numpad is placed and the location of the arrow keys and middle keys - page up, page down delete, home and end, will vary quite a bit on each keyboard. The arrow keys can be on the right or left side or on the right side of the numpad.

You can also get a left handed keyboard that can work or function for both right handers and left handers.  Usually these come in three separate pieces as seen in the picture below. These are ergonomic designed left handed keyboards. They can be adjusted for the proper height and angle to assure the least amount of risk for repetitive strain injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome or shoulder, back, forearm or wrist injury. The best thing about these three piece computer keyboards is that they can be moved around so they can be used by both right handers and left handers.

How to Buy a Computer Left Handed Keyboard and Mouse Buying Guide

1.  A split computer keyboard is a good choice if more than one person will be using the computer keyboard and will need right handed and left handed keyboards because it will allow you to maintain natural and neutral wrist postures.  

2. if you use keyboards that have adjustable feet they will accommodate a much wider range of keyboard positions and angles whether left handed or not. Making good use of adjustable feet on the front and the back will further aid adjustments.  This increased adjustability factor will help maintain ergonomic natural and neutral wrist postures.  

3. The cord that plugs into the CPU should be long enough to allow the user to place the keyboard and the PC in a many positions. You should have at least six feet of cord length to connect your PC

4. Also you might consider a computer keyboard that doesn’t have a 10-key keypad if you don’t need one. If you do need one from time to time a right handed or left handed keyboard with a separate 10-key keypad may be the best choice. The nice thing is that keyboards that don’t have numpads or keypads let the user to put the mouse close to the keyboard.  

5.  Make sure to consider the shape and the size of the computer keyboard if a keyboard tray is used. The keyboard should fit snugly on the tray.  

6. You might consider buying a right handed or left handed keyboard without a built-in wrist rest.  That's because separate wrist rests are usually more ergonomic.   

7. Laptop computers are not a good choice for leftys.  The keyboard cannot be detached from the display screen and are not good for prolonged typing tasks.

As you read these buying tips, sit at your computer and take a good look at what you really do at the keyboard and with the mouse.  You want to avoid getting any ergonomic problems that can develop over time from poor equipment, bad keyboards and mice.  You want to keep working pain free.

Left Handed Keyboard Mouse and Workstation

Take a look at the direction of the work flow when you perform simultaneous tasks at your computer station or desk. Usually people are the most comfortable when they work toward their left or right dominant side. If you're left-handed, your left hand is your dominant hand, and your left side is your dominant side.

 Does the right or left handedness of your work area fit your right or left hand dominance? In other words, does the work area promote your work to flow toward your dominant hand? How “handedness” the work area is to you is determined by how the keyboard is relative to the work area where you're performing other tasks simultaneously with keying.

When this area is to the left of the keyboard, it is said to be a left-handed work station, and right side a right handed work station. A right-handed employee who sits at a left-handed work station will twist, turn, and reach to get to the work area to his/her left side. How the “handedness” is of the work station is not always a concern, when only one task is done there however.

Consider a left hand mouse pointer wireless.

Cool keyboards. Left Handed Keyboard, Left Handed Keyboard Wireless Keyboards, Ergonomic and Optical Left Handed Wireless Mouse Brands and Models

Left Handed Keyboard, Left Handed Wireless Keyboard and Left Handed Mouse Brands and Models include: Goldtouch, Evoluent, Logitech, Microsoft, Bluetooth, 3M, Alphagrip, Maltron, ACP among others.  Some manufacturers are starting to listen to requests and have left handed computer keyboards on the designing table.

Left Handed Keyboard Examples

Here are a few left Handed keyboards to give you an idea what the specifications are.  These are just samples.

 Unknown brand- This left handed computer keyboard is a modified keyboard designed for use by individuals with right hand or arm upper extremity disabilities. The standard numeric keypad is positioned on the left instead of the traditional right side. Other features include a mechanical switch technology with a key life of 20 million cycles, Windows 95/98 compatibility, and USB connection. DIMENSIONS (HxLxW): 1.43 x 6.43 x 18.06 inches. COLOR: Black. WARRANTY: One year.  NOTE: The manufacturer states that this keyboard may not work with the Dell Optiplex Computer. Price: 99.00.

Maltron Left-Handed Keyboard, Designed to make single-handed entry easier and quicker.  The special shape and letter layout is designed to make key access quick and comfortable.  Both left and right hand models are designed for Touch Typing with push-on/push-off keys for Shift, Control and Alt functions.  Includes self-paced training manuals for easy training.  $595

ACP Left Handed Keyboard Wired Black, Input Device

Goldtouch EVOLUENT MOUSE FRIENDLY KEYBOARD-LEFT HANDED, Input Device Type and one model number is VM2-LSB. In this Price Range (around $64), With Input Device Type: Keyboards, computer mouse left handed,  left handed mouse$63.99

Also you can get a Dvorak left handed non-transparent sticker with a black background to put on your computer - desktop, laptop or notebook keyboard for about $2 and a wireless left handed keyboard. Left Handed Keyboard

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Left Handed Keyboard
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